Pre-Stretch Film

Eco-Lite Film is an Edge Folder Pre-stretch film to its ultimate break point prior to its final use. No extra energy require to stretch this film during apply. Both side of the film folded during pre-stretch process can create an extra strength force that increase the pallet stability. The folded edge create superior roping effect and reduce waste due to damaged rolls cause by rolls dropped on the floor.
The comparison between conventional film and pre-stretch film
  • The operator stretch 15%-20% only
  • Edge damage when operator drop on floor
  • Soft film
  • Thicker film , more material used
  • Occupation Risky
  • Film stretch 200%-250% to its ultimate break point.
  • Edge folded, reduce damage
  • Stiff film
  • Relatively thin film, less material used
  • Occupational safer
Eco-lite Hand Roll
Size 7my x 450mm x 600m 9 my x 450mm x 500m
Core 2”id x 470mm x 200gm 2”id x 470mm x 200gm
Net Weight 1.84 kgs +/ – 2% 1.94 kgs +/-2%
Packaging 4 rolls/ctn x 64 ctns/Pallet 4 rolls/ctn x 64 ctns/pallet
Eco-Lite Machine Roll
Size 9my x 450mm x 3000m 7my x 450mm x 4000m
Core 3”id x 470mm x 12mm 3”id x 470mm x 12mm(t)
Net Weight 11.40 kgs +/ – 2% 13.00 kgs +/-2%
Packaging 64 rolls/Pallet 64 rolls/Pallet

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